Tanzanian Girl is Assaulted and Paraded after Bengaluru Woman Dies in Accident


Tanzanian Girl is Assaulted and Paraded after Bengaluru Woman Dies in Accident

Two days ago, a 35-year-old woman in Hesaraghatta in north Bengaluru was killed in an accident by a car driven by an African student. According to reports, a 21-year-old Tanzanian student, who came to the accident spot 30 minutes after incident, was allegedly stripped and assaulted by a mob on Sunday, as she was suspected of being the driver of the car. The Tanzanian student, who is a second year BBA student of Acharya College had nothing to do with the students involved in the accident, according to The Deccan Chronicle.

This incident will definitely take its toll on the relationship between India and Tanzania.

The Legal Advisor of All African Students Union in Bengaluru, Bosco Kaweesi, said that the Tanzanian girl and the Sudanese man who was booked for the accident, were not known to each other.  According to reports by The Deccan Chronicle, the student was travelling in another car, a Wagon-R, along with four other friends. She had arrived at the accident spot only 30 minutes after the incident happened. The mob reportedly beat her, stripped of all her clothes and made her parade around naked in the presence of the police. A bystander, who tried to help the woman, was also attacked.

Reportedly, the police also refused to take the Tanzanian student’s complaint of assault.

This is truly disgraceful behaviour on the part of the public and the police. These incidents defame India in the eyes of people from other countries and continents, and give them a horrible impression of our country. According to the values which most Indians are brought up with, this is not what we are, and definitely not what we would want the world to remember us by. Instead of mindlessly resorting to such primitive and inhuman measures against someone who is completely innocent, there should have been a proper investigation before any means were taken, leave alone the unnecessary embarrassment that the Tanzanian girl had to face!

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