Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive‬ Movie Review : Funny at Times


Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive‬ Movie Review : Funny at Times

Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive, is not a bad film, nor is it a great sequel to the hugely popular Tere Bin Laden the 2010 cult classic comedy. I honestly feel that makers and Director Abhisek Sharma should have waited till they got a better story before making part 2, because Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive’s biggest problems is that it has a poor script. However the film is completely crazy and zany, and some comic punches and ideas do hold the viewers attention. The actors especially Sikandar Kher and Piyush Mishra do there bit well. But will this over the top spoof comedy hold the audiences attention, lets analyze.

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Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive‬ Movie Review Funny at Times

Story wise Sharma wants to become a film director and escapes from the clutches of his Halwai father to Bollywood. He meets Paddi Singh who has an uncanny similarity with Osama Bin Laden and the germ of an idea pops up in his mind. He narrates a story idea to the silent producers Shetty sisters. ‘Tere Bin Laden’ starring Ali Zafar and Paddi goes on to become a big hit and a sequel is being planned. Scheming CIA agent David turns into slimy Bollywood film Producer David Chaddha with a sexy assistant in Junior in tow. He is on the lookout for Paddi Singh. The dreaded Mujahid Khalil is also on the lookout for Paddi as well. Mayhem follows and even President Obama joins the cast too.

Acting wise Sikandar gives a standout performance in Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive. The way he does the american, and punjabi accent is amazing (its very authentic), and with extensive makeup job he is unrecognizable. His character will have you in splits (probably the only time you really laugh). Piyush Mishra has the best dialogues to mouth, and his whole angle of terrorists being poor after the death Osama, is funny. If only his character got more substantial screen time. Manish Paul is wasted, his comic talent is not used properly, he just does the same thing he does on TV. Pradhuman Singh’s character of Osama loses alot of novelty during the course of the film because his role is to redundant. There is nothing new to offer, other than same jokes.

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Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive is a spoof film, the film spoofs the prequel, they spoof bollywood,they even spoof the killing of Bin Laden, and the way the american government works. While with these ideas a great comedy could have been made, but TBL 2, ends up being a muddled attempt. The film hardly soars above mediocrity.For me I just couldn’t believe the extremely over the top premise, things were just way too illogical even for a Bollywood film. The films editor, tried editing the film in such a way that the film was so fast moving that the viewers would overlook the dumb plot errors, but that does not happen unfortunately. For example is it really that easy to make a Bollywood film, or convince someone to make a hollywood film, like come on don’t think your audience is that dumbfound. However some of the films zany ideas do provide laughs, and not all is lost because of the films fast pacing, one is really never bored cause of the fast proceedings.The whole terrorist olympics scene had me roaring in laughter, the way the american government played drone attacks was hilarious too and those scenes are the films highlight. Even the films actors Sikandar and Piyush make sure they give there all to the film, which makes Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive, more enjoyable. But the films jokes, and comic punches fall flat more often then not, the whole Obama angle just didn’t work for me, and needed to be edited out. Technically speaking the films music was bad the six pack abs song was ear bleeding bad, the vfx was okay, but the whole helicopter scenes were amateurish. The cinematography was nice, and dessert scenes looked good.


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Overall Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive is a average film at best, and really doesn’t live up to the cult classic prequel. Watch the film if you are bored this weekend, otherwise you will enjoy it more on DVD. While it was funny at times its still a disappointing watch for me.