The Birthday Trip by Arjun Kamath: Gripping Short Film


The Birthday Trip by Arjun Kamath: Gripping Short Film

It’s Dia’s eighteenth birthday and she’s going on her first every birthday-trip. THE BIRTHDAY TRIP is a short film, written and directed by Bengaluru based Arjun Kamath, a graduate production student at the School of Cinematic Arts, USC (Los Angeles). The entire film was shot in Bengaluru in December 2014.

The beginning of this short-film projects the dream of a young girl who would give up anything just to go on a trip away from her home and a dad who keeps business as priority over his daughter’s dreams and later accepts to take his daughter on a trip as she scored high grades in academics. The story takes a turn when it appears that both the girl and her dad were abducted by some thugs in the midst of their travel. Well, it never happened, they weren’t abducted by any thugs. What really happened is quite shocking and alarming.

What a strong message and great acting…haunting but a reality…

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Arvind says, “I remember Karthik (having his ears glued to the phones and mic all day long doing the Live recording), Arjun and myself immersing ourselves in uncontrollable bursts of laughter, while trying to not cause noise, distract the actors, or reduce the seriousness of the environment… that I can’t believe this cracker of a girl Nicole, effortlessly beautiful in front of the camera, and the forever young RT Kumar, ever so hippy, pulled off some scenes looking beyond our interference”
It’s been over a couple years since we embarked on making what was my second work with Arjun, and the first with Nishitha… has been a journey!
So yes, finally… It is all set to hit the screens in the network — I can’t believe I’m saying this — TONIIIIIGHT!!!

NOTE: For a better understanding of the film, please watch without any interruption from start to finish.


Director of Photography – Arjun Kamath
Editor – Yang Hua Hu
AD/Production Design – Nishitha Karumbaiah
Production Sound – Karthik Raja
Original Score – David Bertok
Costume/Styling – Anil Hosmani
MUA – Rakhee Surrendra
Sound Equipment – Capture Crew Production

Totally worth the wait Arjun Kamath. So much power, so intense! The entire team has killed it! What’s depicted in this short film is a real social evil that happened in the society uncountable times and is still happening. Some find it’s way to the top column of news papers while many doesn’t. When will our society be free of such social evil? A question that no one could answer.