The Great Khali V/s Ambuja Cement – Best TV Ad of 2015


The Great Khali V/s Ambuja Cement – Best TV Ad of 2015

We all have seen what our “Great Khali” can do inside the wrestle ring. Smashing! Ain’t he? But what happens when he has to deal with his extra-ordinary powers and size! This recent advertisement for Ambuja Cement explains it all.

gif-image-khali-ambuja-ad, The Great Khali
Khali’s Once head Stroke and the wall crumbles 😛

A great sense of humor, and a pinch of innocence in the advertisement has got people talking about it. There is a point where you cannot stop laughing and at the same time the innocence with which Khali shares the story can be felt.


The advertisement very successfully portrays the soft side of this giant muscular personality. Tripping into the walls, unintentionally breaking the walls and ceilings and after that his reactions,  all are very nicely put up. The way the advertisement is scripted is really lovely!

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