The Story Behind Losing The Virginity Card


The Story Behind Losing The Virginity card

Every girl dreams of that night, the night where finally she enters adulthood and experiences that magical moment with her special someone. Losing her virginity is the most crucial decision a girl makes in her lifetime. She wants to give that privilege to a person who she loves and trust the most and who loves her back equally. You need to think it through because taking this big step. Here are a few tips and tricks to prepare you for your special night.

Is it worth it?

We live in an era where experiencing everything once in a lifetime has kind of become a pressure on the human race. Be it traveling alone to losing your virginity at the right time. The best thing to do is talk it out in your head. Ask your self are you doing it because you really want to do it or you are just under per pressure. Sorting out issues with your self helps you in the long run.

Be mine forever and always
Be mine forever and always

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Does he love you?

Being completely into him and loving him unconditionally is a great deal but that alone is not going to work. You have to be sure about his feelings too. We know that physical involvement brings two people closer but there is more to it. If he has been a jerk to you all this while and suddenly has started to act nice because he thinks he is going to get some action then you should totally stay away from this guy.

Does he love you ?

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So finally you both have thought it through and have planned to take the big step The next important thing is to stay protected. Make sure he is carrying enough condoms to last you through the night. If he is one of those guys who likes to do it without protection then become one of those girls who doesn’t give him to privilege to take your virginity.


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Feel it

Don’t just directly jump into the intercourse. Enjoy and feel every phase of the moment. A good sex experience is always accompanied with foreplay. The art of turning on your couple leads you to a good steam sex session. Activities prior sex like kissing and playing around with each other are equally important. Be sure to enjoy every stage of it.

You get my heart beat racing
You get my heart beat racing

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The after math

So you both have finally cracked the deal and you are no more a virgin. What next? The best thing to do is to not think about it much and just cherish the time you spent with him which has now obviously got you two closer. If you have any doubts or questions do talk to your partner but don’t go overboard with it because that would only create a weird vibe.

After math

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