These Facts about Sahil Khan Will Make You Like Him More



“Style” Me Rehene Ka!!! “Style” Me Rehene Ka!!! – Sahil Khan, popularly known as the Indian Rambo is said to have one of the best body in Bollywood. Sahil is known to be the first celebrity who introduced serious body building in Bollywood and is still known to have the most aesthetic physique in the country. Mr. Khan started his career with musical video of Stereo Nation “Nachange Saari Raat” ( Watch Video on YouTube ). His debut in 2001 for the Bollywood cult film “Style” did not go unnoticed, everyone from Bollywood was praising about his physique and few didn’t even hesitated to compare him with Salman Khan’s body – Of course Sahil Khan gave a tough fight to Salman Khan in terms of physique. His first movie “Style” garnered him a nomination for the Best Male Debut by Zee Cine Awards.

These Facts about Sahil Khan Will Make You Like Him More:

1.  Sahil has an immense love for pets. During his kindergarten age he almost had a mini Zoo at his home. From goats, to cats, to hens, to pigeons, to parrots, to fishes, to ducks and the list goes on and on… As he grew up he had Great Dane dog by the name Rambo.

2. Only people close to Sahil knows that his mother is Chinese by origin and his father is a Pathan.

3. For some part of his life Sahil also stayed in the wild jungles of Masai Mara – East Africa. Masai Mara is the only jungle in the whole world with the most inhabitant African tribes. You got to be real bold to stay in African jungle with real wild animals that too for a month in tents. Hats Off!!!

4. He wanted to be a boxer and represent Indian Boxing Team after watching Rocky. Eventually he got inspired by Sylvester Stallone and joined gym. His other favorite actors are Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Amitabh Bachchan.

Sahil Khan with Amitabh Bachchan during the shoot of Aladdin
Sahil Khan with Amitabh Bachchan during the shoot of Movie Aladdin

5. Sahil is also the brand ambassador for the Mumbai Body Building Association. He has also been appointed as the Brand Ambassador for Indian Sports & Fitness Carnival to be held in Delhi on 30-August-2015

6. Though he has left Bollywood movies by choice however being a fitness freak he has kept himself fit and fine all these years. His everyday morning routine starts from climbing up 40 floors of staircase. His best time was 15 minutes at max to climb 40 floors. While entire friends and family uses lift, he prefers to use staircase.

7. Apart from being a fitness freak, Sahil is fond of cooking during his free time. He boast about cooking 5 different types of chicken.

8. Being an Atheist – An Osho and Dalai Lama fan, he respects all religions equally.

9. When Sahil came to Mumbai he wanted to be an athlete – a body builder. His first coach was Sachin Dandekar (Owner: ) in 1989 who polished Sahil from ROCK to DIAMOND. Sahil’s fitness and physique let him to get noticed by film director N. Chandra who casted him in cult movie “Style”.

Sahil Khan with Sachin Dandekar - Getting Ready For Film Style Shoot
Sahil Khan with Sachin Dandekar – Getting Ready For Film Style Shoot

10. With physique so great can you believe he might have fear of something? Yes, he fears!!! He suffers from Claustrophobia.

11. Cupcakes and Cookies are favorite of everyone. Mr. Khan has a huge tendency to gore on cupcakes and cookies whenever he gets a chance.

It is by choice Sahil Khan opted to keep himself away from the shine and glamour of Bollywood however he makes sure that he takes out time for his fans and personally responds to their messages on Facebook and Instagram.

We scanned through few of the comments of his millions of fans on social media, everyone wants to know the tips and hard-work behind Sahil’s physique. Not only this, his fans want him to return back to 70mm Screen as soon as possible.

Who knows the much awaited sequel of cult film “Style” – “Style 3” is in making.

Watch “Style” Me Rehene Ka Video on Youtube.

Hope you enjoyed reading these facts about Sahil Khan.