This Delhi Boy earned more by Begging than he earns from his Regular Job


This Delhi Boy Earned more by Begging than he Earns from his Regular Job

Its commonly said beggars aren’t choosers but in today’s time beggars are definitely choosers having a lot of advantages if compared to the beggars of old times. In old times, the beggars genuinely begged because they were living a miserable life, but today the scene is different where they had made a business out of it. This Delhi boy will show you how.

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Source : Youtube

A Delhi graduate who earns 15,000 Rs per month conducts a social experiment where he turns himself into a beggar, alters his looks to fit in and roams around in the streets of Delhi trying to beg money from random people. You would be surprised to know that he collects an amount of Rs 200 just in two hours which makes it 1000 rs per day which monthly makes is 30,000 Rs which is way higher than what he earns from his regular BPO job. Shocked right? So are we.

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The video featured below shows the harsh truth behind begging and how some beggars have made a profession out of this act. 😉


Video source: Indi Viral

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