This Father Created a Unique Birthday Invitation Card for his Daughter’s First Birthday


This Father Created a Unique Birthday Invitation Card for his Daughter’s First Birthday

Is there a bigger milestone than the first birthday of your little one? The first child and their first birthday. No parents will leave any stones unturned to make it a big special one. Isn’t it? Every parents have lots of emotions attached with their children, specially if they are experiencing the parenthood for the very first time.

That moment is really so special when you see your child and hold their tiny tender fingers for the first time. The love, care and dedication for baby is so immense despite of the endless sleep deprived nights and guess what nothing stops you from cherishing all these moments. Even we were kids sometime and our parents love for us have no match. But similarly ours love for our babies too have no match.

Time flies so fast and its been a year now. This was the very first birthday of little Naira, the baby girl of a happy couple living in New Delhi, India. Be it as difficult as it can be, the joy and celebrations were doubled as her first birthday was inching close. They planned to celebrate it in a different and unique way, inviting friends and family members. Something very unique which could become the talk of the town among the invitees so that they feel charged up.

Today, where the world is completely digitized, Naira’s father, a tech savvy guy planned to design the birthday card in a very informal yet unique and creative way. Following is the invitation copy you would love to see.

This Father Creates a Unique Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Card for his Daughters First Birthday


Hats off to the efforts of the creativity of such cool parents. And here is a line from little baby’s mother.

From her mom:

PS: “My love affair with you is not just 52 weeks old. It all started when you were inside me!”

Few more warm feelings in form of words for sweetheart birthday girl – Naira from her creative father.

“A year ago you were fresh out of your mumma’s womb. You came onto the scene with big, bright, knowing eyes and a full head of wavy hair cut. I called you my little “NAIRA”… We stared at each other and bonded, just you and me. It hardly seems like enough time has gone by to justify my reminiscing, but you’ve changed so much. A year is a long time filled with decades of progress when you are a baby… you are special and unique, from the top of your head to the tip of your little toe. You add a light and sparkle to this world that no one else can reproduce. And it can never be snuffed out. It is too powerful and bright. Your Mom & Dad loves you Naira. “

How did you like to read the feelings above as well as the superbly designed birthday invitation card? Do share your feelings and the way you celebrated or are planning to celebrate your child’s birthday bash, in the comment box below.

Let’s make it special, pour in your best wishes for little Naira 🙂