This Girl’s Story Will Make You Value Your Life More!


This Girl’s Story Will Make You Value Your Life More!

We all complain about the things we want but do not have in life. We’re never satisfied or thankful for the life that we have. We always want more, because we think selfishly, without thinking for once that we are very lucky to have whatever we do. We are grumpy and ungrateful towards life itself, not realising that the gift of life itself is one to be cherished.

Christina Costello (photo taken from Kylie Jenner’s Facebook post).

This story of Christina Costello, shared by Kylie Jenner on her Facebook page, is an example of someone who has braved the odds and lives each day to the fullest, even though her life is full of adversities and hardships. Read on to know more :

“The first photo was taken when I was at my lowest weight, 69lbs. The photo next to it is one of my recent photo shoots. I’m Christina. I’ve been blessed with incredibly supportive friends and family. Lately, things have been amazing. But there’s been multiple times where things haven’t been. I was born with congenial pulmonary lymph angestia – a rare lung condition that at the time of my diagnosis, there were 20 people in my state that had ever had it. At the time of my diagnosis, the disease had a 97% morality rate in infants. I weighed 3 pounds and 6 ounces. My lungs weren’t fully developed and they were filled with mucus. I was in the ICU for about six months before I was able to go home. At home, I had a heart monitor for my younger years, as well as frequent hospital trips caused by extreme difficulty breathing and physical developmental issues. When I was 16 until I was 19, I had to drop out of high school and become homeschooled because I got so sick. I couldn’t keep food down (the mucus in my stomach was affected as well, which we didn’t know about.), I couldn’t breathe, and I was 69lbs. I was so depressed and suicidal because I felt so terrible constantly. Waking up was hell. I was on about eight medications and eventually had toxic shock from all the medicine. Eventually, they found out that digestive enzymes helped and a treatment that finally started working for me. At my lowest points, I was heavily involved in self harm. I have post traumatic stress disorder from my time in and out of the hospital. I have nightmares about being in there. I lost a lot of my friends and my self confidence plummeted. I couldn’t look in the mirror without crying, and truly thought that I would be better off dead and that people would be happier without such a liability. The depression and anxiety still fights me. I’m not always put together. And my disease flares up, a lot, usually at inconvenient times. But ‪#‎iammorethan‬ my illness and my past. We are all more than what we seem. Everyone has their struggles, so be mindful and be kind”

Christina’s story should be a lesson to us all that we should live life to the fullest and cherish it, without letting any of our troubles bring us down. If we have enough faith in ourselves, we can defeat the odds and be happy, no matter what. It is this belief that kept Kylie going, and should also be a sort of motto for our lives, as well.

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