This NRI Finds a Reason to Thank Bollywood’s Music Copycats!


This NRI Finds a Reason to Thank Bollywood’s Music Copycats!

Bollywood is an industry that needs to churn out numerous films every month, with huge budgets, expecting huge returns. One major part of Bollywood films is the music. For decades, Bollywood music has been one of the most important ingredients in making a hit Bollywood Blockbuster, and music directors often have a big task on their hands, considering the fact that these films have a minimum of 6 songs, usually. Many would say that it’s insanely tough to create so much original music on a regular basis, and they aren’t wrong at all! Often, the deadlines and pressure of work makes it tough to keep one’s creative juices flowing. This leads to music directors taking ‘inspiration’, or just blatantly copying hit songs from other countries and their film or music industries.

A shot from the film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ (1989), whose title track is a copy of Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’.

Although many people get away with this act of copying, but many are caught red-handed and then have to face the bitter wrath of the Indian and international media, who in turn ridicule them for their lack of originality. It isn’t often that we find someone saying a single good word about the fact that Indian music directors copy musicians and producers abroad. This man, however, presumably an NRI, thought differently. Check out his story, as seen on Reddit India:

“Went to a super upscale restaurant for anniversary somewhere in mid western US.

Pianist in the center of ballroom plays very beautiful but all western tunes. Wife and I get busy in talking and aren’t paying much attention.

Suddenly the pianist starts playing the title track of Maine pyar kiya.

Pleasant surprise for wife and I.

Turns out he was playing Stevie wonder’s ‘I just called to say I love you’.

Doesn’t matter. Loved it. Thank you music chors!”

Although this man didn’t fail to remind us all that these Bollywood music directors who copy songs are ‘music chors’, he is definitely one of the few men for whom this act of copying worked out in a good way!

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