This Painter’s Story will Show You that Art and Passion are Priceless!


This Painter’s Story will Show You that Art and Passion are Priceless!

Artists are underpaid, usually. That is why many artists, especially in a country like India which isn’t the strongest, economically, have to stop their art and succumb to ‘the system’, in order to be able to earn money for their families. Some, however, know no life without the passion of art. Such is the story of this painter from Mumbai, in this story shared by Humans Of Bombay. This man faced whatever life had to offer, holding on to his one and only faith – art. Here’s his story :

The inspiring painter, who faced the odds and beat them, for the sake of his passion.

“I started painting when I was 13, and at 73 I’m still painting. When you’re passionate about something, no amount of money will matter. There are days when I’ve bought paints instead of food, and I have loved my life like that. I’ve done over 60 shows, sold thousands of paintings…but here I am today still selling my work on the footpath.
Art and passion are both underpaid…but there’s beauty in that too, because money cannot buy either. This one time, a very old friend asked me to make him a painting of what I thought represented Bombay. For many months I didn’t give him his painting, so he assumed I didn’t want to paint it for him. However, after a few years I gave him 150 paintings instead of one…each that represented a different version of Bombay for no charge at all. To him, that was madness…but to me it’s my passion, and I live for that every single day.”

This man has managed to do what most people can’t – for some major circumstance or the other. He has managed to live a pure artist’s life, through the good times and the bad. His story should inspire all artists of the current generation to stay strong and stick to their passion, without letting anything stop them from realising their dreams.

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