This Photo About Tuition Centres will make You Laugh Out Loud!


This Photo About Tuition Centres will make You Laugh Out Loud!

The education system of our country, partly owing to the huge population of India and the competition that students must face to get into their dream IITs and IIMs, has now reached an unrealistic level of expecting ‘excellence’ from these young minds. Tuition centres are not hard to find, even in small towns, to the extent that many teachers choose to teach students at these centres or in batches at their own homes, because it is more profitable than being an old-fashioned schoolteacher!

These tuition centres make promises to students and their parents that they will be teaching exactly what is needed in order for a child to be able to crack extremely competitive exams and find a way into the institute that they (or their parents) have always wanted to be a part of. But seriously, there are a limited number of seats at these colleges, and at least 500 students in each branch of these tuition centres. The numbers just cannot match. This does not stop these tuition centres from running, though. It has become a tremendously profitable business to set up one of these and hire a few teachers, and sit back and reap the benefits of the fact that people are desperate to make something out of their children’s lives. Advertisements put up by these centres show how many students have benefited from the education methods at the centre, and how well they scored, giving all the credit to the centre itself. Often, these facts are fabricated in order to lure more people into enrolling their children at the tuition centres. This fake advertisement is a perfect example of what the truth behind these ads is:

tuition centres
Source : The Honest Page

These misleading ads should be discouraged, as they only put high hopes in the minds of common people who would like to make a better life for themselves and their children, without fulfilling any of these hopes.

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