This Photo and Its Story will Make You Value Your Mother More!


This Photo and Its Story will Make You Value Your Mother More!

Mothers are truly angels. Especially in India, we are made to realise the value of our mothers from when we are very young. We grow attached to them, and they, too, cannot live without us for the simple reason that we are a part of them, and our happiness is the source of their happiness. This photograph shared by on their Facebook page, is an example of just that. A mother will do anything to make her child’s life even a bit easier or more comfortable. Check out the photo and the description as seen on the Facebook post:

A mother works tirelessly for her children.

“This is narrated by Rizwan shaikh from mumbai . was shocked to see my mother today standing in a bucket full of hot water preparing roti for me before I leave to office! Her legs were paining since yesterday but she makes sure that her children don’t leave the house empty stomach! Now this is the unconditional love of a mother! Thank you almighty for blessing me with such wonderful parents! May God help each and every one of us to take care and love our parents till the end…”

I’m sure this story reminded you of your mother and how she has worked tirelessly just to make you happy, even though you don’t acknowledge her hard work every time. This selflessness is remarkable, and can be seen in no other relationship except for that shared by a mother and her child. We salute all mothers and their hard work, and would like to let them know that it does not go unnoticed. On behalf of all ‘children’ everywhere, we thank you, mothers, for the big role you play in our lives!

Has your mother done anything for you which you would like to share? Tell us, in the comments section!