This Story About Kindness Should Be A Lesson To Us All!


This Story About Kindness Should Be A Lesson To Us All!

We don’t really need a reason to be kind. Every single human being has their own story, and we should respect and help each other in every possible way. In today’s world, greed and insensitivity has made us forget kindness. In this scenario, we need stories of love and compassion to inspire us, like this story about kindness shared by Guruprasad Kulkarni on his Facebook profile: Read: This Touching Story Proves That Humanity Knows No Religion

“Friends, i have to share this experience with you. Today a van driven by a young guy cut me off dangerously near L&T flyover on JVLR. I saw the same van stop at the powai signal ahead honking incessantly. I was so upset with this careless driving and insensitive honking that I stopped my car beside in the middle of the lane to see what was the damn issue and why had he stopped in the middle of the road like that. I got down to give a piece of my mind to this arrogant driver. I was expecting some young bastard just high on sugar or something. But as I approached that van I could see this driver guy, actually a boy merely 17-18 years old, almost in tears with one hand on wheel and other on the passenger behind who was a 5 year old child with a bleeding ankle and a rod pierced through. The driver was rushing to hospital but he couldn’t drive with the child falling off the back seat. Apparently the child had gotten hurt on a playground and his older brother couldn’t think anything but to put him in the van and drive him to Powai hospital.

I thanked God for that instinct to stop by him. I asked the driver to sit behind with his injured brother and drove their van to Hiranandani hospital which wasn’t very far from there.

This Story About Kindness Should Be A Lesson To Us All!
Guruprasad Kulkarni’s Facebook photo.

Now here is the twist.

In all that bleeding child’s pain and crying driver, I was so caught up that I left my car keys with the traffic police on that signal and left my own car right in the middle of the road!
After I took those boys to the hospital and doctors took over ( the father of those boys had reached by then ), I suddenly panicked thinking of my car. I rushed outside to hail an auto so I can see if my car at the signal was OK.
To my surprise, the traffic police guy had driven right behind us and was waiting with my car and keys outside across the road.

You can imagine my relief! He handed over the keys and before I could say thanks, thanked me for doing what I did and left saying he couldn’t leave that signal spot for so long.

After this eventful morning I just checked in to a cafe and had to share this with all of you. Always be kind, almost everyone has a reason to behave the way they do and believe it or not if you help someone, there is someone else right behind you to help you.

God bless!”

We should all learn from this story, and do our best to bring kindness, love and compassion back into this world, to make it a better place for us all.

It’s easy to hate, but it takes strength to be gentle and kind.