This Touching Story Proves That Humanity Knows No Religion


This Touching Story Proves That Humanity Knows No Religion

Religion, in today’s world, is being used as a weapon of mass destruction. Terrorism, communal agitations and riots, hatred, hostility and fear are only a few repercussions of this. We often need a touching story or someone who values humanity over religion, to remind us that we are all one big family, and the need of the hour is to help each other and erase our boundaries, not create more boundaries.

Anupam Vishwakarma recently shared a post on his Facebook profile which is a perfect example and reminder to people about the fact that religion should not be the reason for war and destruction. Here is what he posted:

Touching story

“This is the most amazing pic I have ever seen… Abdul Raheem an Afghanistan soldier who lost his both hands in war..received a new pair from Joseph who had a brain death . The wife and daughter are looking at their fathers hand once caressed them. Surgery was performed by Dr Subhramanian Iyer (blue shirt) of Amrita Hospital ,Kerala. A Hindu doctor.. A Christian donor… a Muslim recipient from Afghanistan..This proves that humanity is far above religion and cast.Why couldn’t we just forget all religion casts restrictions and live together like a big happy family
Humanity wins ,what a beautiful moment .”

I’m sure you were affected by this touching story, it’s obvious. Such events teach us that we should concentrate on building our relations with each other, and becoming a global family. Let’s help each other, not hate each other.

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