This Video of an Infant With his Mother will Surely Make You Cry!!


This Video Of An Infant With His Mother Will Surely Make You Cry!!

Be it a human or an animal, the bond between the mother and her child is the strongest.

A lioness known for her fierce nature cares for cubs until they are ready to protect themselves on their own. She hides her child from the predators and even from the members of her own pride. Her child is her first priority always no matter if she has to protect her child even from the lion she has mated with.

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Mother and child relationship is the most powerful relationship provided by nature.

During pregnancy a mother and her child swap cells with the placenta which remains in the mother’s body even after parturition, so we can say a part of you always stays with your mother and it has been proven that these cells play an essential role in protecting the mother from auto-immune diseases.

A human body can bear bear only upto 45 Del (unit of pain), yet at the time of giving birth a mother tolerates upto 57 Del of pain! 57 Del of pain can be compared as the pain when 20 bones get fractured all at once.

When you call your friend selfish, he stops talking to you, call your lover ugly, she will break up with you whereas a mother goes through all kinds of pain and sufferings just for you.

She makes a million sacrifices for you and no matter if someone loves you or not, your mother will love you always.

This video proves that a mother child bond is the strongest bond in the world.

A newborn who has no knowledge of feelings and emotions is still so attached to his mother that he won’t let go of her. This is just after the delivery of the baby. When the mother looks at the baby for the first time, the baby holds her mother’s face and doesn’t let go of her till the doctors make him.

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