Tiger Zinda Hai 2017 Movie Review


Tiger Zinda Hai 2017 Movie Review

Tiger Zinda Hai : A Pakistani ISI agent hoists the Indian tricolor on a bus as he completes a mission impossible. His Indian counterpart (thankfully not Salman Khan!!) gamely asks him to do the same with his own country’s flag as well. If this inanity was conceived eyeing the Lahore and Karachi box office, I’m actually glad that Pakistan has banned ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’.

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Tiger Zinda Hai 2017 Movie Review-Fantoosy

Settled in marital bliss with fellow Pakistani agent (Katrina Kaif) and a kiddo named Junior, Tiger (Salman, who else!) is forced to break his self imposed exile to rescue 25 Indian nurses held hostage in an Iraqi hospital by the ISIS (named ISC here). Its not long before we realise that 15 Paki nurses are also captive in that same hospital so Mrs Tiger also trudges along, gun in tow.

In the next two and half hours, we see Tiger creating his small team (à la ‘Baby’ (2015) which by the way, was far superior and believable), infiltrating the enemy line, bonding with Pakistan’s ISI men to make a childish bhai-chaara statement, catching up with the IS head (Sajjad Delafroz, impressive) and finally, making mincemeat out of him. Phew!

Its fortunate for us and Aditya Chopra – the film’s producer – in particular that Salman Khan is at the helm here. Indeed, Bhai is absolutely rocking in action whether fighting wolves in snowy Austria or blazing away his bazooka inside the ISIS den in Iraq. Trust me, if not for the charismatic Khan, Tiger Zinda Hai would’ve been as unwatchable as Rajiv Rai’s ‘Asambhav’ (2004) was. For those who haven’t endured that epic trash, Asambhav’s plot also revolved around a RAW agent sent as one man army to protect the Indian President from Pakistan’s ISI. Okie okie, sorry for digressing…let’s stick to this Tiger Tiger, burning light!

On the film’s positive, the action sequences (Tom Struther) are outstanding. Thankfully, no item song with Sunny Leone pops up as speed breaker. And above all, Katrina Kaif is given a smaller role with minimal dialogues. Wise decision that!

Ok woh sab fine but what about the bhai fanclub, you may ask. After all, they weren’t too happy to see him as ‘Tubelight’ earlier this year. Well, the good news for them is Bhaijaan is in his element this time – his swag and uber cool attitude intact and even bares his torso to get the ceetis and claps aplenty from his audience. Fikar not!

All in all, Tiger Zinda Hai could’ve been a far better and realistic espionage drama had it not resorted to that Indo- Pak camaraderie shit and resisted showing the ISIS head killing his victims with zehreeli gas…a ploy even Shaakaal failed with in the 80’s ‘Shaan’.

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Coming to the final question : Is Tiger alive…recommended? Well, see it if you must but I do recommend you another movie dealing on the same real life rescue mission of Indian nurses held hostage in 2014 Tikrit, Iraq. Its a Malayalam film titled ‘Take Off’ (2017) featuring Parvathy (who made her bollywood debut last month with ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’). Don’t miss that!

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