Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life


Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

This is no mad science. There could be a possibility you already know about these tips but the problem is that most people don’t know how to bring them into use. Spicing up your sex life is not too big of a task. The key is to stop taking it as work. The moment you naturally let your body and mind do what it feels like doing, it will very effortlessly come to you. If you are still confused about it here are some realistic tips that can make your sex life better than before.

Level up your tease game:

This is the most fun way to do it. You both have a busy life. You have to manage the house and kids, He has to take care of work. In the midst of everything you both get no time to talk or keep in touch. By sending over a cute’I miss you’ text or getting a little naughty and sending a dirty text will charge up the situation in a good way.


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Foreplay Madness:

During sex, don’t rush to the end of it. By investing more time on the foreplay you are creating more chances to come closer to your partner. While you are at it try putting in some soft music and trying new things to set the mood.

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Talk that talk:

This is the best way to kick things. If you both have a communication gap between you two then things would get even worse with time. Try talking to your partner openly. Ask him about his likes and dislikes, what gets him turned on. Don’t forget to tell him you’re favorite positions and what really gets you going. This way you cut out the awkwardness between you two and things get pretty easy between you two.

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Talk during sex:

Don’t limit the talking. Do try and talk while making love. This way things would get smooth and you can satisfy your partner in a better way. Don’t forget to add on the light touching and other kinky techniques to keep the mood going.

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Don’t keep waiting for your partner to ask for it. There are times when your partner feels that you are forcing it on them so make sure to take the initiate to tell your lover that you need it as much as he does.

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Build up emotional intimacy as well:

Don’t make it about the sex. Your partner shouldn’t feel that you just need one thing out of them which is sex. Make efforts and concentrate on the little gestures like bringing her flowers or planning a party for him.

Get around town and explore each other’s wild side. This will help you learn everything you need to know about your partner and will sure as hell spice up the sex life.

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