Too Much Upma With Rs 1.29 Cr In It


Too Much Upma With Rs 1.29 Cr In It

The title makes no sense? Well continue reading, you will figure it out. This can happen only in India (I am from India, so this is not offensive). Let’s get in to the subject without further delay. A man and woman flying to Dubai from Pune airport were apprehended for carrying too much upma with them. Those hot cases containing upma had something else too, no, it’s not Sambar, they were trying to smuggle out foreign currency worth Rs 1.29 crore by concealing them in the box of hot and steaming upma.

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Too Much Upma With Rs 1.29 Cr In It -Fantoosy
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Two passengers, including a woman who were about to fly to Dubai went through the usual security check, it was then, when an immigration officer found the documents of a man, identified as Nishant Y, suspicious. So he informed it to a senior airport security official and also asked the Customs authorities to check the man’s check-in luggage one more time, only to reveal a hot case with ‘upma’ inside the mans luggage. They would have let him go but he was carrying too much of the eatable which was a lot more than usual, so it was checked again.

“The bag contained a hot case with ‘upma’ inside. But, the weight of the eatable was more than usual and hence it was checked, only to reveal a black polythene having USD 86,600 and Euro 15,000 inside,” the official said.

He wasn’t the only one, the immigration authorities came across one more doubtful passenger, identified as H Ranglani, who was about to travel to Dubai on the very same flight in which Nishant Y was supposed to fly. Her baggage too was checked by CISF security personnel and guess what they found inside? Another hot case of upma with money in it.

“This hot case, containing upma, was opened and foreign currency of USD 86,200 and Euro 15,000 was found concealed in it,” the official said.

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