Top 10 Comic Book Villains


Top 10 Comic Book Villains

Comic Books are something which we always love to read as a kid. However even now, Comic Book has reached out to a different level with the innovation as well as the improvisation of the comic books cannot just be neglected. Well indeed there are a lot of things which we all love from comics, and now it is the time to view our favourite comic heroes back! Have a look at the Top 10 Comic Book Villains!

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  1. Kingpin

Top 10 Comic Book Villains1

Kingpin is deadly and not just the way that you would think! The character of Kingpin came to fame just because of the impressive popularity the show has gained! He could defeat any hero with his powers!

  1. Galactus

Top 10 Comic Book Villains2

He probably has tried to break down and captivate Earth many times but probably failed because of the superhero! probably he was the only villain who has killed more beings than any the villain on this list or even all combined on this list.

  1. Thanos

Top 10 Comic Book Villains3

the key feature of Thanos was such that he had impressive powers to control a lot of things! Maybe the world’s most controllable villain! He was in the sneak peak of controlling the world probably!!

  1. Doomsday

Top 10 Comic Book Villains4

Many of the people may say that this villain was just an attempt to market- but you have to give credit! he killed superman many times–oh come on boy!!

  1. Dr. Doom

Top 10 Comic Book Villains5

Much like Thanos, he has also the ability to control many things with his superpower! Maybe it is the best thing that he could do!! Do not worry…Superman is there- even if he dies, he will be back!

  1. Green Goblin

Top 10 Comic Book Villains6

Found mostly in the pages of Spiderman, this character has also a lot to offer and even to destroy Spiderman in a flash!! Just wait and watch what our Spidey does!!

  1. Venom

Top 10 Comic Book Villains7

Venom was also one of the strongest characters in the role of a villain! Bt aahhhhh!! Spiderman to the rescue again!!

  1. Magneto

Top 10 Comic Book Villains8

His control of all magnetic forces truly made him—-somewhat like Ironman?? No! not at all he was indeed quite powerful to destroy you!

  1. Joker

Top 10 Comic Book Villains9

While Joker is a skilled inventor and chemist, he has a lot of knowledge and probably the smartest villain around!

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  1. Lex Luthor

Top 10 Comic Book Villains10

Lex Luthor is just the man who is ranked in the top. With his immense skills of killing Superman again and again, he has earned a lot of fame also- just see what he can do with the super villain powers he has got! Superman, you got to try it harder to beat him indeed!