Top 10 Most Epic Collapses In Sports History


Top 10 Most Epic Collapses In Sports History

What happens to a fan when a favorite team loses or gets beaten by an underdog? Well, it is quite fun to watch on how the biggest giants of sports get uprooted by the hands of the minnows! Well, it is indeed quite fun to watch for the Giants but at the same time, it is a mere heartbreak for almost all the bigger fans. There may be fierce competitions for almost everyone to compete but when it comes out for one to choose the Titans or the underdogs, it is even funny to watch the epic fails of these stars. Check out the Top 10 Most Epic Collapses in Sports History. [ Read: Virat to become the World’s Best Athlete! ]

Top 10 Most Epic Collapses In Sports History

10. Edmonton Oilers v Calgary Flames (Hockey, 1986)

A few people may just not explain how this happened, but they actually cannot imagine hockey without Canadians and Russians. However, it was Sir Edmonton Oilers who was lined in the back just in the 80s when there is a lot of things happening. Calgary Flames just beats up the team as a full and gets the best stuff out for everyone to give a shock!

 9. LSU Tigers versus Kentucky Wildcats (Basketball, 1994)

How would the world forget about the dominations of the LSU Tigers over the hands of Basketball? Well, if you are inching out to believe a real story then you must search for the epic match between LSU Tigers versus Kentucky Wildcats. So what you have to do is just google it around! [ Read: 10 Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were Twins!]

8. Portland Trailblazers versus Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball, 2000)

Well when one tries to hate something, it pinches back very hard indeed. Compelled and hated by many people, the Los Angeles Lakers came out to beat the Portland Trailblazers in a versatile basketball match which has just snapped in. This was one of the most epic collapses of the world Basketball!

7. New York Giants versus San Francisco 49ers (Football, 2002)

There have been some entirely crushing playoff misfortunes in NFL history, including one we’re going to get to in only a bit. In any case, for the enthusiasts of the New York Giants, maybe none was as a lot of a gut punch as their 2002 stifle work against the San Francisco 49ers.

6. California Angels versus The American League West (Baseball, 1995)

There have been some genuinely destroying playoff disasters in NFL history, including one we’re going to get to in just a slight bit. In any case, for the fans of the New York Giants, possibly none was a considerable amount of a gut punch as their 2002 smoother conflict with the San Francisco 49ers.

5. Greg Norman versus The Masters (Golf, 1996)

Chances are totally awesome that, if you enter the last round of a golf rivalry celebrating a six-stroke lead, you have to like your odds of winning said rivalry.

4. Houston Oilers versus Wild Bull Bills (Football, 1992)

For most master football bunches, on the off chance that they end up driving by 32 centers in the second from last quarter of an NFL playoff diversion, they’re probably feeling very beyond any doubt that they’re going to continue forward to the accompanying round.

3. Jean van de Velde versus The Eighteenth Hole (Golf, 1999)

Before the start of the 1999 championship, we had seen one more thing on the count and indeed it was quite shocking! He was a dim expert golfer from France, who boiled to a requesting lead in the last round of the Open in 1999, and strolled to the eighteenth tee requiring only a two gatecrasher six, on a standard four closing hole.

2. Boston Red Sox versus New York Mets (Baseball, 1986)

In spite of the way that they’ve had some incredible achievement over the span of the last decade, the Boston Red Sox drugged as a champion amongst the most berated foundations.

  1. New York Yankees versus Boston Red Sox (Baseball, 2004)

Most Red Sox fans were of the conviction that they’d never see a World Series title, particularly after the gut punch of the 1986 World Series. Right when the New York Yankees took a 3-0 lead in the 2004 American League Championship Series, Boston fans just chalked it up so far another failure.