Top 10 Masturbation Myths Busted


Top 10 Masturbation Myths Busted

Masturbation is the most pleasuring thing God has gifted us with. Self satisfaction is the best satisfaction ;)! Ain’t it fellas? Here are the top 10 masturbation myths busted that whirl around on our planet Earth :

1. Masturbation Makes You Blind?

Say what!?! We all must have been blind by now.. du-uh! LOL


2. Kellogg’s Cornflakes Helps Stop Masturbating !

We all have that phase in our lives where we eat cornflakes! Oh my my! Is this the reason that, I don’t feel anything down there? o.O LOL

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3. People in Relationships Don’t Masturbate                               

This is a really big misconception. Everybody does! LEAVE THEM ALONE ! 😀 😛

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4. “Too Much” Masturbating!

Oh! c’mon you guys. If you thought so, then here is the news. There is nothing like “too much” masturbation. Unless and until you are doing it going to school, before a class or a meeting and after that. etc..etc.. 😉 …….what a relief!

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5. People Only Masturbate When Alone!

Voila! According to a survey, most of the couples do it together. They like watching each other masturbate. And the rest.. we all know right! 😉

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6. Masturbation Causes Infertility

Say what??? Infertility? Wow it can be the new population control method ! 😛 😉

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7.  Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t happen ‘coz of masturbation you guys…! What is this? stone age?

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8. Masturbation Ruins Your Sex Life

This is again a total disaster guys. Masturbation enhances sex life! Isn’t this great ?! 🙂

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9.  Health Risks in Masturbating

Goodness Gracious! We all would have been hospitalized by now! Who’d have thought! 😛 😉 LOL

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10.  Men Need Masturbation, Women Don’t

We all are humans for God’s sake! LOL

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These were the most fun and famous myths one would hear about masturbation. So now you are over them all. Henceforth, Happy Masturbating!! 🙂

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