Top 10 Movies Based on True Stories


Top 10 Movies Based on True Stories

The words “Based on a True Story” is certainly something which we cannot believe when it comes down to entertainment! For almost everyone, the concept of this has been very much creative as there are virtually many film directors who like to get inspired by real life. Indeed Hollywood is notorious for taking things that happened and threw in enough flashy stupidity to keep the lowest common denominator distracted from how overpriced movie tickets are. Well, if you are unaware of these then check out the Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories!

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10. Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS Isn’t Just Nonsense

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 1

Based on the extortions and sex, the story of Ilsa Koch and Irma Grese revolves around camp guards who were in an activism of leading to a new story! Do watch the movie to know more!

9. The Hunt for Red October Is Based on a Much Cooler Story

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 2

If you wish to explain your kids the era of 90’s, then it is probably the best thing to start off with The Hunt for Red October. Based on many inspirations, it is a great lesson to get for all the youngsters

8. Final Destination Based Its Opening Scene on a Real Plane Crash

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 3

Obviouslywhat hapenned in the movie was never a real incident- but there indeed was something in the opening scene! As a matter offact, the opening scene was copied and based on a true incident!

7. 50 First Dates Is (Coincidentally) A True Story

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 4

The story revolves around Michelle Philpots, who has been fiercely struck in her head and has a difficulty in remembering. Every morning, she is used to getting remembered by her husband!

6. Men Behind the Sun Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 5

If you are known to the fact of Unit 731, the concept of the film The Man behind the Sun will actually mean closer to you. the answer of the film lies in the concept of the true story!

5 AND 4: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho Are Both Based on the Same Serial Killer

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 6

The story of Wisconsin murder Ed Gein was actually the concept of the movie which happened in a sequel- maybe this film was just a portray of the incident!

3. Rocky‘s Real Name is Way More Badass

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 7

In the 1970’s, there was a little-known boxer named Chuck “The Bayonne Bleeder” Wepner. However he turned out to fight with Mohammad Ali giving him a strong conspiration. People do say that Rocky has been inspired from here!

2. Jaws is a True Story, But Not The Way You Think

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 8

Jaws is indeed taken from the concept of a true story that had happened in the New Jersey shore attack. However there was no such climax which was ignited inside the movie!

1. To Hell and Back Just Straight Up Happened

Top 10 Movies Based On True Stories 9

The story of Murphy in the film is basically inspired from that of Captain America. Infact the film was a total portray of his achievements!

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