Top 10 Sexiest Female Race Car Drivers You Never Knew


Top 10 Sexiest Female Race Car Drivers You Never Knew

Like cars? Well, you’re about to love their drivers too! Earlier, car racing was seen as a guy sport, but not now. Get ready to be thrilled by the queens of speed and sexiness. So here we give you the top sexiest female racers of all times!

1.  Maryeve Dufault

Maryeve Dufault is a Canadian who came into lime light when she ranked 16th in the 2011 ARCA series. She is now a well known personality in the motor-sports. She was also given the name, Miss Hawaiian Tropic International back in the year 2000 as she was the first winner from Quebec.

Maryeve- Dufault-model-racer
Source : wikipedia

2. Courtney Force

Courtney Force’s is following her father’s and sister’s footsteps in leading the NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car racing. She is the first female to win the first place. She is just 22 and has all the chances to participate in the top car racing events.

Source : facebook

3. Danica Patric

Danica Patric is the most famous and the most successful female in the motor-sports. She is amazingly sexy and has won many races and many endorsements due to her sexy natural looks. She has blown minds with her fierce side on the racing track also her feminine side in endorsements.


4. Leilani Munter

This young American professional car racer is a holder of degree in biology from the University of California San Diego. She has always impressed her fans not only by the races that she has been in and won. She is also an environmental activist.

racer- chick-mun
Source : twitter

5. Cyndie Allemann

Cyndie is a Switzerland beauty who has won many titles. This 29 year old hottie is the first female to go into the Super GT Series in 2012. From the age of seven everybody knew she had something different in her as she used to do go-carting back then.

Allemann -female -car- racer
Source : facebook

6. Ashley Force Hood

She is the daughter of famous drag racer, John Force. She wins majority of the races and drives at 250 mph. This 39 year old beauty tops the charts in maintaining her charming looks. She was given the title of NHRA POWERADE Drag Racing Series Rookie of the year.

Source : castrol

7. The Cope Twins

Amber and Angela Cope are the first twins in the motorsports. They are attractive identical and beautiful twins. They are first twins to race together for the first time in the history of motorsport. Angela has raced in many other races and has won and she also participated in the nationwide series. Comparatively, Amber hasn’t driven much as her sister.

Source : tumblr

8. Susie Wolff

She is a very famous Scottish driver. She is one of the sexiest girls in the motorsports world. She has won many titles and has competed in the  Formula Renault, Formula Three and DTM series. She is now the development driver for one of the formula one racing teams which is owned by her husband.

source : menshealth

9. Jessica Barton

Jessica Barton is one of the best drag racers and she takes her career very seriously. She mixes and matches modelling with her drag race career and damn she does it so well. She is known for her street race where she had beaten many other cars such as Nissan Skylines and Lamborghinis.

Source : tumblr

10. Madalena Antas

This beauty from Portugal might be any other female car racer for the people of Portugal, but in other parts and in America she is seen as the sexiest female in the motorsports world. Madalena has won the Dakar rally and many other rallies. She drives in Nissan pickups and SUV’s at 120 mph. Also, she models in the men’s magazines.

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