Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!


Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!

Technology has evolved in a crucial part and as a result of it, it has created the world into two halves- the Brighter side and the Darker One! Though we wildly need technology to keep yourself going throughout the day, it also has a dark face of misusing technologies! However this is just not all, and there are a lot of technologies which we cannot still use- Some may be unique- but some are harsh!

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If you wish to have a look, just check out the Top 10 Technology which you cannot Use!!

10. Damascus Steel

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!1

During the middle ages when the Mughal Emperors used to rule Asia, innovation was formed with the swords, and they were made up of a metal called as Damascus Steel. It was created by using a raw material known as “wootz,” brought there from India and Sri Lanka.

9. Vitrum Flexile (Flexible Glass)

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!2

Formed in the Roman Empire between the (17-37 AD), for the first time the world had seen the faces of Vitrum Flexile (Flexible Glass). This indeed was an innovation as a small hammer was used to get the glass back to the original shape!

8. Mithridatium: An Antidote to All Poisons

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!4

The Mithridatium is one of the best doses to offer a people! In the old Roman Empire, the Mithridatium was used as an antidote to all the poisons which came up! Interestingly, the same Mithridatium was utilized for the treatment of all!

7. Greek Fire

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!4

Back in the year of 673 AD, this highly unusual method of burning houses down was engulfed by the Greeks. With this weapon, the Byzantines managed to save their Empire from being conquered by the Arabs in two attacks on Constantinople.

6. Incan Stonemasonry

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!5

Can we ever get back the wall building technology used in the Incan Stonemasonry! Architecture was indeed quite a huge requirement then and just see what the Incan Stonemasonry is composed of! This would be certainly astonishing if I get one!

5. Roman Concrete

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!6

Even though the Romans were heavily influenced by the Greeks in their architecture, they were able to take those constructions to a whole new level. While the concrete we use today is made to last about 120 years, the one the Romans were using made their buildings last for millennia.

4. The Iron Pillar of Delhi: The Iron That Never Rusts

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!7

The tower has not generally been in Delhi, having been moved there from focal India, from a town called Udayagiri, some place around 1050 AD. Concerning why the column is as yet remaining, there are a few hypotheses to it.

3. Tesla’s Free Wireless Energy

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!8

In 1905, Tesla was prepared to put into practice his most prominent creation yet, by building an 187-foot-tall Wardenclyffe Tower. On this tower was a 55-ton arch of conductive metals, which proceeded down the tower and after that 300 feet into the ground itself.

2. Starlite

In the 1980s, a novice researcher by the name of Maurice Ward thought of a development that was said to be able to reform space go as we probably am aware it. He thought of an indestructible, heat-safe plastic that could withstand 10,000 degrees Celsius.

1. The Sloot Digital Coding System

Top 10 Technology which You cannot Use!9

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In the mid 1990s, Sloot thought of a progressive information pressure system that guaranteed to pack a 10 GB motion picture down to only 8 KB with no loss of value.