Read How Dorris became the Traffic Heroine of Ghaziabad!!


Read How Dorris became the Traffic Heroine of Ghaziabad!!

Dorris is given the name “Traffic Heroine” of Ghaziabad. What made her to acquire the title “Traffic Heroine” even though she is not a police officer? The death of her daughter produced a spark in her, which finally led to dedicate her life for the service of others. Traffic Heroine controls the traffic in Ghaziabad, an uptown area in New Delhi. The full name of the iron lady is Dorris Francis.

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Read how Dorris became the Traffic Heroine of Ghaziabad

She is doing her duty at the busy junction of roads full of vehicles. Without worrying the travelers she is managing the traffic very well providing a smooth easy passage for the vehicles. She is bold enough to stand at the busy intersection of roads without any fear. A negative incident happened in her life equipped her with an unlimited mental strength.

The heart-breaking incident that acted as a turning point in the Traffic heroine’s life was the death of her daughter. In the same busy intersection of roads where she has been standing as Traffic heroine, was once an accident spot. It was on this spot her daughter died by an accident occurred between a car and the auto-rickshaw in 2010. It was on the auto-rickshaw Dorris was traveling with her daughter Nikki and the accident happened due to the excess speed of the car.

As a result she lost her little buddy. That incident fully changed her mind and she wished that the same incident should not be repeated. For that she decided to control the traffic at the junction.

“She died, I survived. I wish traffic was managed better that day,” Dorris said to BBC.
“I know about her story, she works selflessly. I haven’t seen many who have the courage like her. I don’t know how she can come every day to the same spot where she lost her daughter,” police constable Kumar Pal Singh, who is at the intersection, told BBC


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Due to the presence of Dorris, the vehicles are moving very smoothly and traffic blocks are rare. Sometimes she will be very harsh in her behavior, mildly slamming hasty pedestrians and drivers with a stick.

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“It’s been more than six years since I started. My mission was to save lives and not let any mother lose her daughter, husband or son. And that’s what I have been doing and I will continue to do until I have strength in my body,” says Dorris.

Dorris surely deserves the title “Traffic Heroine”.