Tragic Story : Policeman Mistreats Tea & Snacks Vendor


Tragic Story : Policeman Mistreats Tea & Snacks Vendor

This tragic story shared by Binny Medappa shows how members of the lower strata of society are mistreated and taken advantage of, for no logical reason. Some people take advantage of them just because they think it’s okay to treat the unfortunate people in our country like trash.

Some people refuse to understand that the power that they have over the lesser privileged people in our society does not entitle them to oppress and torture them. Read what Binny had to say about what he witnessed:

“Hi All,

This gentle man in the picture is named Ahmed who sells tea near MG Road, Bangalore, which falls under Ulsoor police limits. He serves hot tea, burger, vada-pav, rolls etc. some eatables earning few bucks for his family of 5 with 3 kids.

Today at around 5 am when Ahmed was about to start his day to sell tea and snacks to his customers when they are hungry or some even sleepy. A constable who works in Ulsoor police limits hit him so badly that Mr Ahmed’s hands and legs got bruises all over. He was beaten so badly that his phone screen got broken as seen in this picture.

Tragic story
Ahmad, the simple honest man who is troubled by police.

Guys the reason I am posting this is because this is not fair, Ahmed is not stealing nor begging on streets. He is earning for his living and taking care of his family. He earns about 1000rs a day on top of that he has to bribe the other cops and give them free tea, snacks and in return get beaten black and blue is not fair. Where humanity where is the justice here.

I really felt bad seeing this person in tears saying he is the only bread earner for his family; and he has to go through this ordeal often. So friends please share this post as much as possible so that this message reaches to the right authority in Police Department so that appropriate action could be taken against the constable who beat him. Ahmed who serves his customers early in morning have a peaceful life, if he gets such treatment he will have to choose an alternative of begging or even illegal options going in wrong direction in life.

Tragic story
Ahmad, with his daily wares, which are the sole source of his income.

People who sell tea or food items by the road side are not taking wrong steps like begging stealing etc. This is not something they willingly chose; probably it’s their fate which is making them do this for their living. Let’s all join our hands and help these kinds of people come up in their lives because they are our fellow humans and they deserve to be respected for whatever they do for their living to lead a happy life.

So my request here to Ulsoor police is that please allow Mr. Ahmed to do his business so that he can look after his family. And let’s all join our hands together so that people like Mr Ahmed get justice.”

It is truly a tragic story, and a shameful thing that people like Ahmad are treated in such a manner, even though all his intentions are good ones. He is a man who is trying to do the best that he can, and these men who are mistreating him are cruel and insensitive. Let us spread awareness of this topic and make sure that Ahmad and others who work hard day and night are not subjected to this kind of behaviour from anyone.

Join us in this endeavour to make people aware of such malpractices. Share your thoughts in the comments section: