Ticket Jugaad: Two Students from Jamshedpur & Kharagpur made Train Tickets Booking Easy


Ticket Jugaad !! Two Students from Jamshedpur and Kharagpur made Train Tickets Booking Easy

Ticket Jugaad mobile app is a good finding which will help the passengers to locate their seats in a train. Even though rail journey minimizes the time of travel but it is very difficult to get a seating in trains. Two students including one from IIT, are the real genius behind the curtain developing this Ticket Jugaad mobile app using ALGORITHM. Ticket Jugaad is a real substitute for station wise ticket booking quotas. The names of the developers are Jaju second year IIT student in Kharagpur and his cousin Shubham Baldava, who studies in NIT Jamshedpur. This automatic app helps in searching the tickets available based on source stations and also enable them to cover the maximum distance . Passengers can save their money they give to ticket agents.

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Ticket Jugaad, Two Students from Jamshedpur and Kharagpur made Booking of Train Tickets Easy

Identification of seats is based on pure mathematical permutation and combination. This app costs nothing and it is free in play store. The bitter experience Jaju had while travelling made him develop this app. He was informed that he was on waiting list but there were vacant seats. This bitter experience is the provocation for Ticket Jugaad.

He seeked the help of his cousin to give the technological help through coding and decoding. This is a blessing to the train passengers. Above 50000 android users have already downloaded it and Jaju is now trying to utilize this app in website and android operating system. Now an online ticket agency is helping them for ticket booking. Actually the developers have no profit motive and so they are not giving importance to advertisements. They will get income by gaining a licence for ticket booking. They want their Ticket Jugaad mobile app to be utilized by common people.

Surely this turns out to be an inspiration for us. Two youngsters have done a good job for the public. Then why cant you? Wake up and act!!