Trapped Soldier Rescued By Kashmiri Youth


Trapped Soldier Rescued By Kashmiri Youth

Kashmiri youth on Sunday rescued a soldier who was trapped inside a damaged army vehicle. This kind act that restores our faith towards humanity took place amidst the ongoing tensions and conflicts in Kashmir which has claimed 84 lives so far.

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Trapped Soldier Rescued By Kashmiri Youth -Fantoosy
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A police official said that the driver of the army vehicle hit a tree after loosing control over the vehicle at Lasjan. One soldier got struck in the damaged vehicle, the vehicle was very badly damaged that made it quite impossible for other army men to rescue the one who was struck.

It was then, when a Kashmiri youth came for the rescue, noticing that the efforts of other army men to evacuate the soldier who was struck in the vehicle did not fructify.

The official said, “Local Kashmiri youth rushed to the spot and managed to bring the injured army jawan out by placing a truck next to the damaged army vehicle”.

The whole incident was captured in the mobile phones of people who were around when the incident happened. And the video has been widely shared in social medias and YouTube.

This kind of beautifully kind acts serve as a reminder that the world isn’t always such a bad place.