Tribals in Naxal Hit India gets Medical Services through Motor Bike Ambulances!!


Tribals in Naxal Hit India gets Medical Services through Motor Bike Ambulances

Tribals are not getting proper medical services assistance in India. In this modernized sophisticated country one of the population include tribals who live in dense forest areas. All the citizens in India is liable to enjoy and devastate all resources that are available in our country. The tribal people in Chhattisgarh Narayanpur district had been categorized as neglected people. These people did not get treatment when affected by diseases. The intervention of a motorbike ambulance medical service has changed the pitiful situation. Actually these districts have a very challenging path ways. Only a bike can have a risky journey through these areas. So a bike ambulance service was devised by Saathi and UNICEF.

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Tribals in Naxal hit India gets Medical Services through Motor Bike Ambulances!!

As all were afraid of entering these area which was known for black magic. Tribal people suffered a lot to get treatment for severe diseases. They have to travel a lot through the wide dense forest for treatment. The idea of motor bike ambulance had proven to be a real blessing to them and it enabled the lifesaving of 272 patients. Mostly this ambulance service on saving pregnant women and infants.

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Motorbike ambulance medical service is working very well in the tribal area. It is equipped with a ‘side car’ with an adapted mattress attached to it and equipped with an oxygen cylinder including the first aid box. If there is emergency this first aid box acts as masters. Wireless communication is very weak in these areas and they won’t be able to contact the ambulance medical service providers. So the motor bike medical services are working well along with 108 services.

Life of each and every individual is precious and valuable. So these ambulance medical services should be encouraged to see the smiling face of our fellow beings. So this effort has to be congratulated.