True Horror Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


True Horror Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Ghosts, spirits or what ever you might like to call them, they don’t bother an invitation from you. They like catching us off guard. Ghosts and their true horror stories are beyond imagination. People who have experienced paranormal activities know the real horror to them. People don’t laugh it off. They are real! You might still want to act like you’re too cool to accept their existence, but deep down, you know how true all of them are.


#1True Horror Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

“When I was about 10, we my family of six lived in an extremely small apartment. Two bedrooms upstairs and then the living room. When I was tired of my siblings I would sleep downstairs. One night I am lying on the couch facing the front door and watching the sky through the window by the door when a face shows up in the window illuminated by a lighter. I freeze, and the face goes away. I’m pretty relieved, thinking it was maybe our druggie neighbours seeing if my parents were still awake when it shows up again. I try to scream but when I hope my mouth nothing came out, not a sound. The person then kicks in the door and walks in the room, he sees me, smiles and goes towards the kitchen. As he comes out of the kitchen with a knife my dad makes it down the stairs and the guy boots it out of there. I still can’t sleep easily on couches to this day.’

#2True Horror Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

“I had a good friend die when I was 10. We’ll call him Jon. He died pretty tragically too. He was hit by a car literally right in front of my house when he was chasing down a ball that bounced into the road. Fast forward 7 years. I’m babysitting my little sister and she is playing outside. I’m on the porch swing reading and she’s shooting hoops on a little tikes hoop. The ball bounces out into the road and I look up to see her yell, “Don’t go after that ball Jon!!” Freaked the shit out of me. She never even knew about Jon. I asked her who “Jon” was and she said that he would play with her sometimes outside.”

#3 True Horror Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

“This story happens when he was about 8. He was playing hide and seek with his friend at his house, it was late, probably around 10. It’s my friends turn to find his friend. He’s looking everywhere around the house, but he can’t seem to find him anywhere. He eventually decides he must be hiding outside. So he leaves the house to find him.

He starts searching around some bushes when he hears his friends voice coming from a dark corner maybe 20 feet away. The voice calls for him to come over. He didn’t, because he was already spooked out enough being outside in the pitch black. He yells back, “No! You come over here!”

That’s when he says it really started to get spooky. The voice that sounded just like his friend kept insisting that he come over to the dark corner. He keeps replying no over and over again. At this point, he said the the voice suddenly changed to a dark, horrible sounding voice demanding he come over. At this point he ran back inside, only to see his friend in the living room. When questioned how he got inside so fast, the friend said he never went outside.”