Tumpa Kumari : A Blind Girl with God gifted Voice


Tumpa Kumari : A Blind Girl with God gifted Voice

Tumpa Kumari is a bling girl with God gifted voice. It’s not easily to find real talent around the globe especially when it comes to discovering a sensational voice that melts the heart. Every second person in this world wants to become a singer and earn a name and place in the industry but what about the people who have so much talent within them and they still have no idea about it?

Blind-Tumpa Kumari - Fantoosy.com, tumpa kumari
Blind-Tumpa Kumari – Fantoosy.com

Tumpa Kumari, visually impaired is studying in Brajkishore Blind School, Ranchi. Although visually impaired, it doesn’t make her any less talented. She has a voice of a nightingale. She sings a famous number from a Bollywood movie and totally wins our heart and soul. Listen here in the video below


If you want this little girl to nurture her talent and make something better out of it then you can lend a helping hand. Contact us on info[at]fantoosy.com and offer whatever aid you can because our every single effort will be counted to bring smile on her face.

If you find any other impaired/normal prodigy child, we will be happy to feature them on our website. We will make sure, such stories reach masses.

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