This Uber Driver TUKI is being Appreciated for all the Good Reasons


This Uber Driver TUKI is being Rewarded for all Good Reasons

I started reading the post thinking that something bad had happened with this girl and there will be some warning at the end but surprisingly it came out totally different. This indeed is a good job done by the Uber driver Tuki. Such experiences should should be highlighted by the companies among their drivers so that they also get inspired to help people. [ Read: Uber Driver attacked by a Drunk Doctor Girl]

Uber Driver TUKI Prachi Sharma
Left: Uber Driver Tuki, Right: Prachi Sharma
Prachi shares her experience as:
Yesterday around 4 I was at Vaishali Metro Station feeling as helpless as I could. I’ve to go to Modinagar, my hometown, that’s on the outskirts of Ghaziabad, but still comes in the region of NCR. There’s no way I was sitting in those cramped buses and autos in such people were dangerously stuffed. What I needed was a cab. Ola or Uber, either could do.
First I reached for Ola. No matter what ‘type of car’ I chose, no driver would take me to Modinagar as “it’s too far and they don’t get much rides there”. After much reasoning and no positive result, I moved on to Uber. By now I was not only exhausted by the heat, and commotion of one of the busiest metro stations, but I was practically starving! I had no hope whatsoever. “Well, if no Ola driver would take me to Modinagar, there’s no chance an Uber one would” I thought. But then I’d look at the lewd stares of the some of the men sitting in those autos and buses, and the desperation overcame every other feeling.
As i expected, the first driver denied duty for the same reason.
Frustrated, I was about to give up when I thought of trying one last time. As I tell the second driver beforehand that I’ll be going to Modinagar he sounds a little skeptic, and tells me that he’ll call me back after some time.
After waiting for 5 minutes, i was about to sit in one of those god forsaken buses, when i got a call from the driver.
“Ok madam, I’ll go to Modinagar. My car is standing on the other side. It’s a white wagonR”.
I couldn’t believe my ears at first. Then joy overtook all my exhaustion. Finally!
As soon as I’m inside the car, the driver just asks me whether Modinagar comes in the NCR because he has only NCR permit. I say yes, and realize suddenly that even if i had said no he’d have still taken me to my hometown. In spite of the risk involved, because in his words, “madamji koi apne ghar sahi salamat phnch jaaye humare liye ye zyada badi baat hai”.
That’s when i realized that there are still good people in this world and they deserve all the appreciation, because they live primarily for it, not only for money.
And that’s why I decided to share this incident with everyone.
If any one deserves a Goodwill award it’s this man who came forward to help me when others denied their duty and even told him to not go as “wahan rides nahin milti hain, koi fayda nahi”.
Dear uber, please make sure that Tuki gets some reward for his good deed.
Thank you.
Uber Driver TUKI Prachi Sharma
Uber acknowledgement to comment the driver Tuki.

For those who don’t know Uber has policy for drivers that they are not allowed to ask rider’s destination till the time they start the trip. When you get into the car and the ride is started, only then they can see your drop location so ultimately they can’t deny the duty just because the reason of location that they are not comfortable to go to. [ Read: Delhi Girl Harassed By OlaCabs Driver : Disgraceful Behaviour]

Your gesture is commendable Prachi! We always make it a point to vent out our anger and frustration on public platforms but rarely do we come across such appreciative posts.

You couldn’t have acknowledged Mr. Tuki the Uber Driver in a better way.