5 Unusual Ice-Cream Flavours to Beat the Delhi Heat This Summer


5 Unusual Ice-cream Flavours to Beat the Delhi Heat This Summer

Is the Delhi heat getting onto your nerves and you desire to venture for a quick escapade to a distant land? Well, since the dream is a distanced one, we have some chilled ice-cream solutions for you to make you forget the heat and indulge into the pleasures of divine delicacies. Delhi has been the hub of mouth-watering foods but probably you never knew it is a home to some exclusive desserts too.

To keep your spirits cool and make you indulge into the pleasures of the heat, we have a quick list of unusual icecreams that you should definitely give a try this summer. Even if you aren’t a Delhite and planning to drop into the city sometime, don’t forget to chill out in the company of these yummilicious desserts.

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Icecream Pleasures, ice-cream
Icecream Pleasures

Ginger Sorbet with the Tang of Pineapple

Popularly known as the “Pineapple ginger sorbet”, this divine scoop of ice cream is a hot seller from Vasant Kunj’s Set’z in the DLF Emporio location. The fruity pleasures of pineapple with the zing of the ginger give you super mouth-tickling taste in this summer. If you are a calorie freak, this is indeed the ideal scoop to invest on.

Pineapple Ginger Sorbet Shot, ice-cream
Pineapple Ginger Sorbet Shot

The Ecstatic Jackfruit Flavour

When you are a flavour specialist and chocolates and butter scotches no longer interests you, try this whole new flavour from Naturals. The divine pieces of jackfruits embedded in the super silky ice-cream makes you forget all those calorie counts and jump into the irresistible delights.

Jackfruit Pleasure, ice-cream
Jackfruit Pleasure

The “Matcha Green Tea Mochi Ice-Cream”

Did you hear that correct? Green tea and Ice cream? Is it a compatible relationship? Well, yes, it is indeed. As you opt for this delicacy, a soft outer surface will gradually lead you to the divine, creamy centre. Pepped up by the green flavour variant, it is the perfect partner for your summer sessions. This unique dessert has its roots in the Yum Yum Cha of Saket’s Select City Walk.

Matcha Green tea, ice-cream
Matcha Green tea

The  Healthy “Horlicks Hustle”

If you are in search of a healthy dessert solution this summer for your child, nothing can be better than this treat. Coming from the home of Cherry Comet from DLF Cyber City of Gurgaon, this is nothing but a sweet snowball garbed by a super caramelised Horlicks coating with dripping chocolate sauce.

Healthy Horlicks Hustle, ice-cream
Healthy Horlicks Hustle

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The Tangy Cinnamon Ice-cream

Chi Ni of Gurgaon has an exclusive ice cream to offer with the perfect mix of cream and a tinge of cinnamon. The spicy zing of cinnamon and the sweet flavours of ice cream is a great escapade for this summer.

crazy cinnamon icecream, ice-cream
crazy cinnamon icecream

So get ready to make your pick this summer.