Video : Don’t Let An Arranged Marriage Ruin Your Daughter’s Life


Video : Don’t Let An Arranged Marriage Ruin Your Daughter’s Life

India is famous throughout the world for its rich cultural heritage and the values our culture represents. Although there is a lot to be proud of in the teachings of our ancestors, there are some ‘rules’ or ‘norms’ that just do not make sense, in the modern world. Arranged marriage is one of these norms.

In earlier times, the birth of a male child was considered a blessing, while the birth of a female child was a burden, a bundle of responsibilities. The parents of the girl child would have to find a family who would be willing to accept the girl in their family as a bride, and would allow their son to marry her. It obviously doesn’t make any sense in a world where liberal thought and a person’s freedom and rights are given a great deal of importance. Yet, these practices continue to prevail in our country, despite some people being aware of the back-dated and narrow-minded nature of such thoughts.

This video from BIBA is an example of just that, and provides a valuable message at the end :


The message from this video is loud and clear : that in no way is your daughter’s happiness less important than the family she gets married into. The only way to be a good, responsible parent is to ensure that your child is happy in her life. Marriage is an event that should make her life feel complete, it should not be something that she is forced into. Furthermore, it is essential for your daughter to love the man she marries, because that’s the only man whom she can be truly happy with. If you are a parent, keep these things in mind, and do what is best for your child’s happiness and what is necessary for them to have a peaceful future.

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