Video : Fauja Singh, Strong at 104!


Video : Fauja Singh, Strong at 104!

Nowadays, it’s trendy to keep yourself fit. Hitting the gym, going out for a run, learning martial arts, yoga – you name it, people are doing it! But what about those who were born before this 8-pack hungry generation? Didn’t they keep fit? Well, of course they did, and how! The man we are about to present to you in this video is none other than the legendary Fauja Singh.

Fauja Singh is now 104 years old, and holds numerous records for running. He says he runs for passion, not for money or anything else. See for yourself, in this video by Nestle :


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Truly inspirational, isn’t it? The smile on Fauja Singh’s face makes it very clear to all those who watch this video, that the man is really just running because he is passionate about it, not for money, fame or anything of that sort. How pitiful it is that the current generation needs a reason or a fashion trend to make them keep themselves fit. The secret behind staying fit is just to enjoy life. If you value your life enough, you’ll do what’s necessary to keep yourself in good shape.

Fauja’s story gives a clear message – that anything goal can be reached if you want it bad enough. Fauja’s spirit keeps him going, and his love for running fuels him. We should learn from him, and let our passion guide us along the way to success.

Does Fauja’ story inspire you? Well, it definitely should. Tell us what you think of Fauja Singh, the Sikh magic-man, in the comments section!