Video : Man Dies While Having Sex With Prostitute, She Stays Physically Attached


Video : Man Dies While Having Sex With Prostitute, She Stays Physically Attached

In recent bizarre events, a video has surfaced on the internet of a hospital stretcher wheeling away a man who died while having sex with a prostitute, but here’s the catch – she remained attached to him physically (seriously, she couldn’t be separated from the man). In the video, the woman seems to be on top of the man, who was quite elderly, according to sources. She is seen moving as well, as the stretcher was taken out of a building and into a hospital ambulance.

A still from the video, that shows the two persons involved being taken away in a stretcher.

According to the story, the elderly man died during the act of intercourse, and due to the bizarre situation created after that, in which the woman could not physically separate herself from him, the two had to be taken to the hospital to be surgically separated from each other, so that the man’s body could then be taken to the morgue for post-mortem and investigation.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the video first surfaced on a video sharing website based in China, named Miaopai. Soon after, it was shared by viewers on LiveLeak, where it became a bizarre sensation. Take a look at the video for yourself, it’s true!

If you thought you’d seen everything in life, I’m sure you didn’t ever consider the possibility of something like this taking place on planet Earth! The strangest part of the situation is that anyone who would be asked to comment on the situation wouldn’t even know what to say, and who to blame for what! It isn’t even possible to tell people to avoid such situations, because nobody can even imagine it happening! Whatever it is, I guess when people say that anything is possible, they definitely aren’t kidding, and this incident is proof of that!