Video : Woman Tragically Loses Her Life in Railway Accident


Video : Woman Tragically Loses Her Life in Railway Accident

There is a reason why people ask their loved ones and friends to be careful while boarding and getting off from a local train, especially in Mumbai, where trains are bustling with people who are struggling to even find a place to firmly keep their feet on the ground. It is a dangerous way to travel, and often, people put their lives in danger. But what is more important? Your life or reaching on time? If by any stroke of bad luck, you are involved in a railway accident, like the tragic one shown in this video, there will be no life left for you to live, and reaching on time for anything will be far from a possibility. This video should serve as a reminder to us all that life is precious, and that we should not risk it in such a manner, because we won’t even know when it ended, if such an incident takes place.


Shocking, isn’t it? This is why it is necessary to put your safety before everything else in life, and value life properly. Just one moment’s mistake can cost us dearly, so we must be cautious at all times, and make sure that we don’t create such an unfortunate situation for ourselves and for our families. This message goes out especially to those who travel in crowded local trains like Mumbai locals, who face risky situations everyday while travelling. Such unfortunate railway accidents should be avoided, and they can be, if only we use our judgement and choose not to go overboard with the risks taken by us as a part of everyday life.

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