Vir Das’s Inspiring Video will Change Your Outlook on Your Mark-Sheet Forever.


Vir Das’s Inspiring Video will Change Your Outlook on Your Mark-Sheet Forever.

Vir Das’s inspiring video in a sprint sums up of your crucial life years. From the day you step out of the comforts of home, school and school life you take a plunge into the real world. The real world which really matters. You see different people you meet different people, you see life yourself first-handed. Whatever you were in school is no more your identity no one knows you but you have the curiosity to know everything.

This video is all you need to know what you didn’t know and the things you knew but never realized.


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Do score-sheets and mark-sheets define you? You define yourself.  Do people who stays and people whom you stay with defines you? Your decision in life defines you? What you make of yourself defines you?

Don’t let the piece of paper called mark-sheet judge yourself. You are made of tougher things.

This video is not just for kids who are pressurized under the reams of a prototype society but also for the parents who judge the kids future on the basis of score sheets. Parents must start encouraging talent over academics alone. There are several examples of people who failed at school but manage to succeed in life. School is just a phase like your adolescence and mark-sheet is a scrap of paper that in time will no longer describe you.

Ask yourself what advice you’d give to yourself when sixteen or eighteen or younger. Then you’ll clearly know and understand that mark-sheets played so lesser role in what you are now.