Virat Kohli and Anushka Patch Up? Too Good to be True. Isn’t It?


Virat Kohli and Anushka Patch Up? Too Good to be True. Isn’t It?

Love is in the air and Virat and Anushka are all set to prove it.

While Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma had been in the news since last year for their budding romance, it was quite a disheartening fact that they broke up. Though nobody knew the exact reason about the sudden fissure creeping into the relationship, the fans of both the parties kept on waiting for their reunion.

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Virat and Anushka patches up
Virat and Anushka patches up

While the duo was dating each other and the couple was enjoying the climax of their love days, lady luck had some other plans for the duo. In March 2015, Anushka was spotted in one of Virat’s Sydney matches where the cricketer had underperformed. It was then Twitter took to a great troll and blamed Virat’s lady love for his missed catch and low scores. Little did they know the couple would be soon on their way to splits Ville?

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Virat and Anushka together..
Virat and Anushka together

Even in the world cup 2016 when Virat turned out to be the super cricketer of India, Twitter had its millions of Tweets from fans who thanked Anushka. Well, thanked for what? Just because she did not turn up at the match, Virat seemed to score quite exceptional runs.

However all rumours took to an end recently where the couple was doubted to be together again when Virat had Tweeted that Anushka had nothing to do with his performance.

The two getting back to each other was recently reconfirmed when they were seen again a few days back celebrating Virat’s exceptional performance at the IPL 2016 where Royal Challengers had defeated the Gujarat Lions.

Virat and Anushka celebrating RCB's Victory
Virat and Anushka celebrating RCB’s Victory

The two were seen basking in the victory together along with the chefs in a Japanese restaurant named EDO which shows a patch up is probably on the cards.

While the haters of Anushka has got a lot to say over it, we hope the couple doesn’t get bothered and gets their love life going on.

Cheers to the couple.