Watchman At The ATM : True Story


Watchman At The ATM : True Story

With so many terrible stories in the news, we hope this true story of a kind watchman at an ATM will restore your faith in humanity.

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Watchman At The ATM True Story-Fantoosy
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As a result of India’s latest crackdown on black money (ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes), social media is still abuzz and there have been chaotic scenes outside banks across several corners (almost every) in India. And everyone’s pretty sure that these chaos won’t go away any time soon. This sudden demonetisation has turned out to be a nightmare for the poor and the middle class people who are still suffering to balance their finance.

Chinmayi Sripaada, an Indian playback singer, working mainly for the South Indian film industry landed in India along with her husband Rahul Ravindran, amidst the country’s wide demonetisation crisis. Like many other common people they too were left cashless to fulfil their needs. The couple didn’t have enough money to buy even a cup of tea. So they went to a local ATM to withdraw some cash and the ATM machine was penniless too. What happened next will restore your faith in your humanity.

This is what she posted in her Facebook page

“Landing in India we naturally have no usable cash. We were in the US when the demonetisation was announced.
Husband went to local ATM to see if he can withdraw at least a 100 so that he could buy tea at a local tea-shop.
The Watchman at the ATM said they load it at 10 AM and all money is withdrawn in 2 hours. Not even a single 100/- was available.
And the sweetest thing, Rahul was given 20/- to drink tea by that ATM watchman.
A lot of us have our hearts in the right place.
We are kind. We are good.
We just forget that.”

The post went viral within a short span of time and there were all sort of comments telling Chinmayi that she should have watched the news, she could have used her Debit card and much more, she replied to those too. You can check the post here.