Water Conservation Invention by a 12 Year Indian Girl


Water Conservation Invention by a 12 Year Indian Girl

Water is becoming scarce now a days. Lots of water conservation techniques are available.  In order to implement these ideas one should have a deep passion towards our environment. Our survival depends on the environment friendly atmosphere provided by our nature. Actually young children are said to be  the creative scientists.  Water conservation based invention is made by a 12-year-old Nasik girl. The invention is a shower with special nozzles that is designed mainly to prevent water wastage. Her name is Shrusti Nerkar.
Invention related to water conservation by a 12 year old girl
She has been moved by the environmental issues which led her  to this wonderful innovation. She had watched the car washing by a shower and came to know that showers attached with special sprinkles  uses only adequate amount of water and prevents the over use of water. First of all she started her model making with electric wire and pvc pipes fitted with  sprinkles. In her design, the shower uses only 15 liters of water and can be used to supply water to the struggling people in India when they are need of  a single  drop of water during summer season at the time of natural calamities.

She says, “I heard them announce that they will wash the car with just two liters of water. That really made me curious and I asked them they would go about it. That’s when I found out that they use special sprinklers. Later, I spoke to my father about whether we could use such sprinklers in our shower as well.”

She received applause from District Collector Dipender Singh Kushwat and going to receive patent for her tremendous invention. She has a good skill in painting, magic and is interested in material collection. Her thirst  for protecting the environment is limitless and wanted to save more water by  elaborating her model by fixing a sensor.
A young girl has deep concern for her  environment and we are polluting our environment to the utmost. Why cant we think of these projects and save our eco system.