Ways To Find Your Purpose In Life


Ways To Find Your Purpose In Life

“The two most important days in your life is the day you are born and the day you found out why” ~Mark Twain.

This is one of the most powerful and meanigful quote you would ever read. Not everyone feels fulfilled by or happy with their life. Not everyone thinks their way into finding their life purpose. What’s the purpose of my #life? What the point in living this #life? Life would be so easy if you could find out the exact answers to these two questions. Well, I do agree that finding your purpose in life is difficult, but it’s not impossible. It’s never too late or too early to figure it out.

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Ways To Find Your Purpose In Life -FantoosyTime teaches us a lot, time matter’s a lot, use it wisely and it may help you to find out your life’s purpouse. It’s not, what should I do with my #life or what is my #life purpose that matter’s. What matters is, What you can do with your time, time is really important? ‘What do I want to do with my #life’ is a struggle almost every adult goes through. Everyone gives a different meaning to his or her #life.

Research from the Johns Hopkins University confirmed that, It is not the destination that matters, but it is the journey that is vital in our lifes. 78% of students who participatted in the study mentioned that finding a purpose and meaning in life was most important to them.

Why Do You Want To Find Your Purpose In Life?

Ask this question to yourself, why do you want to find the purpose of your #life? Is it because, you’re trying to improve your #life? Is it because, you want to become a better person? Note down everything that pops in to your mind. Your purpose can be your connection to something larger. Some are destined to be artists while some are destined to be great parents, everyone on this planet has a purpose. Your job is to find out what that is. It requires quite lot of time mixed with patience and hardwork to realize who you are.

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how.’” Viktor E. Frankl.

Don’t Be Distracted By Your Internal Beliefs:

The first obstacle that you might face will likely be your internal beliefs, the beliefs that your surroundings taught you, these internal beliefs might try to stop you in your tracks. Don’t listen to it, that’s not true. The only thing your internal beliefs want to do is, to keep you comfortable. Don’t pay any attention to them, slay them. Develop your courage muscle and learn to build power. Develop true soul-baring force. Try to focus on your goal rather than negative thoughts. You can give your #life meaning by focusing on a goal.

It is impossible to find a general meaning of life, for the purpose of your life depends on your decisions. Be strong in what you decide. If you choose to follow your internal beliefs, you may deviate yourself from your life’s true goal. Learn to get outside your internal beliefs, your internal beliefs is the small world you live in and in this small world you are more concerned with your pleasure and comfort. Get out of this comfort zone and step in to the real life. You can’t find your life’s purpose as long as you stay inside this personal bubble.

You Can’t Find Your Purpose Within A Day:

Always remember that it’s not possible to find your life’s purpose or meaning all of a sudden, it not possible to find it within a day. You have to find the concept first and to find the concept, you need to take time and think about it. You need to think about it in every aspects of your #life with passion.

Passion + Daily Action = Purposeful Life.

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Ways To Find Your Purpose In Life -Fantoosy1.jpgYou will feel so purposeful when you make yourself readily available for the journey of your #life and you have to fully embrace it with passion. When you start leading a passionate life, you are living your #life on purpose, you just have to realize it and when you do realize it, spend every waking minute on your life’s work to figure out what you are capable of.

Your Life Doesn’t Have Only One Purpose:

You have to realize that there is not just one thing that you are meant to do in your #life, let go of that thinking. There could me more to your #life than you think there is. Let go of all negative feelings and people who feed them to you. If you don’t, you will feel like something is missing in your #life and that feeling will resist you from trying new things to find your life’s purpose. Do what you love, try different things that your heart loves, your heart is your best tool to access your true purpose of #life. Let your heart lead you in finding your life’s purpose. Start taking steps towards what you want, and start removing those things in your life that you don’t want.