Instead of Lavish Wedding this Couple Donated Savings to Poor Farmers in Maharashtra!!


Instead of Lavish Wedding this Couple Donated Savings to Poor Farmers in Maharashtra!!

Wedding occasions will be memorable and auspicious if elders blessings are showered on us. That blessings will reflect upon our family life through out. Now a days people are wasting lots of money for their wedding in an unusual manner. Whats the need of these show offs!! If we use the money in helping poor people, the blessing that we get from them will be precious than a diamond.
Instead of Lavish Wedding this Couple Donated Savings to Poor Farmers in Maharashtra!!
The conditions of farmers in Maharashtra is pathetic due to drought conditions. Seeing the horrible condition of the farmers the Vadkes from Thane, Maharashtra, reduced their daughter’s wedding expenses and helped two villages in the Jalna and Nanded districts in Marathwada, Maharashtra by donating 6 Lakh rupees. The man behind this was Vivek Vadke, a chemical engineer. The donated amount  will surely change the present conditions of Padali village in Jalna and Dapshed village in Nanded.
 These villages in Maharashtra are frequently affected by drought. Vivek and his wife Vasanti are active social workers. They decided to spend money on their daughter’s wedding only for most essential needs. Expensive decorations were avoided. Thus they were able to save about 6 lakh rupees, which was benefited by the farmers. They were deeply moved by the condition of farmers. They handed over the amount directly to the villagers. The money will be used for the widening of rivers and will be able to increase the water level and will turn an end to severe drought.The Vadkes are one among financially settled people in Thane. Biman Biswas,another software engineer has also offered a helping hand to the farmers.
Surely this story will widely open even some of our eyes there by helping us to view the vast world with lots of concern for others!!