What Happens When an Ex Starts Dating


What Happens When an Ex Starts Dating

All of us have had break ups before. We all have gone through that stage where we dump, get dumped or mutually decide to call off things. But how does things work after a breakup? Who is allowed to move on first and how long should one wait before dating someone else?

In the midst of all these questions and worries you finally find out that your ex has started seeing someone else. Suddenly you are left broken and sad. It’s completely normal to feel heartbroken after such news. You have been with that person for so long and it’s more than okay to have all kinds of emotional outburst.

Here are some tips to help you cope up from the devastating news:

stop caring:

It’s high time. You need to stop being in friendly terms with your ex. I know it’s hard to just suddenly stop talking to that one person and not care about them but trust us, No talking and distance will help you get rid of him emotionally.

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Enough of crying and sobbing over the news. You need to start believing in love again and give yourself another chance. You don’t have to stay miserable all your life. It’s time you start to concentrate on yourself and pamper your self a little after all that sad things you had to go through.

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Let go:

I know it’s easy to say it out loud but then it’s actually true. Letting go calm’s your mind and your heart. You should be happy then your ex has finally found someone and is ready to start a new life. The good part about all this is you also have the opportunity to do the same.

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Move on:

So the key is to let go of the baggage and move on. By move on we don’t mean hangout with random people and do crazy things. We mean you should give yourself an opportunity to fall in love again.

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It’s okay to feel restless:

We are just human beings and we are full of emotions. When you get such news its more than normal to feel a bit weird and get restless. This is definitely not a sign that you want them back. Don’t confuse yourself. Always remember you both broke up for a reason.one out of the two will definitely move on first and there is nothing bad in it. Take life as it comes to you and don’t let it pull you down in any way possible.

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