What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear


What to wear when you have nothing to wear

Do you also have days when you just don’t know what to put on and head out? You have a closet full of clothes but you still can’t stop cribbing about having nothing to wear. We are here to make your life easier. We bring you a list of clothes you can team up to look effortlessly stylish .

Jeans and plain white tee/ shirt

This combination is a life saviour. Nothing and we mean absolutely nothing can go wrong with a pair of jeans and a simple white tee/shirt. One can easily glam up this outfit and at the same time keep it casual as well. That’s the beauty about casual clothing. You can do so much with this one outfit and still not get bored of it. This is power clothing and it’s here to stay.

denims and basic tee Image source: www.tumblr.com

Plain black dress

If you think wearing a dress only on fancy occasions seems appropriate then girlfriend, you are absolutely wrong. Pick the most casual black dress lying around the closet and let it work it’s magic on you. Pair this plain black beauty with a pair of bright flatforms and you are good to go. This dress can also be very easily replaced with the famous t-shirt dress which is so in right now. This look is summery, casual but still creates a strong statement.

LBDImage source: www.pinterest.com

Shorts and tank tops

This is the most casual you can get. This outfit needs no crazy searching in the closet. Put on your comfy shorts, throw the most random and basic tank top and Voila! You can wear this to brunch,shopping or even a lunch date. This a fun all rounder outfit. If you are in the mood to take the casual feels to another new level add on your favorite sneakers and you are surely going to make hose heads turn.

Shorts Image source: secondcitystyle.com

Plaid Shirt

Plaids ave made huge come back and we would want them to stay. They are trendy and easy to throw on over denims. This fashion is mostly inspired from the rock culture and we don’t mind stealing a few tips. pair them with jeggings, leggings or even a basic skirt, It’s only going to make you look better. Next time when you don’t have anything to wear.Pull out a plaid, team it with any basic bottom and let the good times roll.

plaid shirts Image source: imgbuddy.com

Add on statement jewelLEry

This last but not the least tip is going to change your life. Jewellery can do a lot to break or make your outfit. So when you are your lazy self thinking all your clothes are useless and not wearable. Pull out a black tee, wear a plain black skirt and add a bold neon pink neck piece to it. You are more than ready to make boys go gaga over you. Try replacing the neck piece with statement earrings or even try stacking up bracelets to bring in a little change to the whole look.

statement jewelry Image source: www.pinterest.com

Make your own choices. Dress braver than you think you can because you make the trends, the trends don’t make you.

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