What Type Is Your Girlfriend


What Type Is Your Girlfriend

If you are in a relationship you would know that your girlfriend might go through 10 different mood swings in a day. This is pretty normal for a girl. A women is full of emotions and she has a particular type of feeling for every situation and thus reacts in the same way.There are many kind of girlfriends you might have dated in life and we are going to break down those categories for you.

Very understanding:

She always understands your problem. She knows if you bailed on the plan you must be really into some crisis else you would have never cancelled on her. She doesn’t argue on silly things and believes in maintaining peace. The ideal girlfriend. Right boys? *wink*

Understanding girlfriend

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My way or the highway:

She doesn’t care how you manage but you have to manage according to her every freaking time. She is not the kind of person who gives second chances so the guy has to get everything done perfectly the first time only.

I dont care

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Messed up:

This type is a very confusing type. She is still not over her past drama. She could be in love with her ex or she could be totally screwed in the head, who knows. All we know is one needs great skills to and courage to offer companionship to this type of girlfriend.

Messed up

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Too casual:

She doesn’t care if you are chilling with the boys or just lazing around the house. She probably even forgets she is dating you at times. She doesn’t like to stay under anyone’s control and we aren’t even sure she takes you as a real boyfriend. Watch out boys she is danger.

Casual girlfriend

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AK 47 A.K.a. Always ready to Shoot on you:

We already know that you want to get out of this relationship and we pity you boys. This type of girlfriend sucks the life out of you. She gets mad at every little thing possible and complains 24*7 that you don’t love her. She hates all your female friends and have removed them off your list because she obviously has all your passwords.

Ak 47

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What type is your girlfriend? Girls do you fall in any of these categories? Share with us through the comments section down below