Why Body Hair is Attractive And Useful ?


WHY Body Hair  IS Attractive And Useful ?

If you ask a normal person he would always prefer his or her partner fully shaved. According to most people in this world body hair is a huge turnoff. It is pretty normal among st men but when it comes to women, they are expected to be cleaned shaved all the time. But are there any health benefits body hair can provide ?Is body hair attractive and useful. Listed below are the 3 creepy yet interesting reasons why body hair is pretty healthy!Why

If you have hair on your toe’s then you have a good blood circulation :

Yes, we might sounds extremely gross right now but its actually true. Hair growth on your toes indicates healthy circulation of blood. We suggest, people with complete bare feet with no sign of hair should go visit a doctor right now because no hair is a sign of bad blood circulation.

Hairy toe
Hairy toe

Image source: vecteezy.com

Hair helps in healing wounds on skin:

All that medicine is doing its job but what really helps a skin wound to heal is body hair. Yes, you heard it right. No, we are not kidding. Hair follicles are loaded with stem cells but massively helps skin wounds to heal better and quickly.


Image source: Anonymous

Armpit hair builds attraction:

As creepy as it sounds. It’s actually fact based.Armpit hair accumulates a weird kind of odor which can attract your partner. Armpit hair can spread pheromones. This scent is released due to sexual arousal or when someone is open to sexual contact.

Hairy armpits
Hairy armpits

Image source: yahanfood.com

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