Why Shouldn’t You Force Your Children For Marriage


Why Shouldn’t You Force Your Children For Marriage

Quite a few of them start worrying about it from their child’s early teenage years and some wait till they turn 18. Marriage has become more of an alliance between the families than the two people who are willing or rather in some cases pushed to get married. Getting your children hitched before time and without approval puts all the wrong kind of impressions on them and this is how it happens.

 They feel it’s a burden:

Now, not only do they have to share their room but also have to unwillingly take care of their partner. First you get them hooked without their approval and on that you expect them to nurture them with emotional and day to day needs. This gives them the feeling of getting into something they don’t have their hearts in. This obviously is a huge mistake and this kind of association between the two will only grow hatred and no love.

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They look for love outside Marriage:

They aren’t obviously happy with the partner their parents chose for them so what’s the next best thing to do according to them? An extra Marital affair. They look for their soulmate in other people so that they could find that one person who loves them immensely and fills the void. They don’t seem to care about society and often adapt a rebellious attitude towards life and family.

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They start to spend less time at home:

The trauma of seeing their partner at home and repeatedly getting the horrifying flashbacks of their marriage strongly convinces them to spend the night outside the house and probably crash at a friend’s flat. This one day thing turns to an everyday routine. Eventually it becomes a habit which distant them to their family members.

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They hate their parents:

Well done! All that marriage planning and plotting you have done for your child has landed to a sad end. Not only do they hate their partners but the parents are also added to the list. They take you as the real culprits behind all this mess and strongly decide not to forgive you ever again in life.

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Fear Regarding dating someone else:

Parents are mostly distrustful of the person their child is dating. So, they think the best way to get past this problem is to get them hitched to a person they completely know and fully trust. For all you know that person could be a serial killer in the end but parents will be parents, you can’t argue, can you?

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The famous” What will people say”:

Don’t just tie down your child in a lifelong commitment just because the people from the neighborhood have pin pointed about your daughter being single at the age of 30. One has to get married when they want to get married. No one in the world has a right to tell the other person about leading their life a certain way. You should make your decisions and let your children also follow the same lifestyle with equal power and freedom.

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Let the kids live. Are you listening parents? LET THEM LIVE.

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