Wi-fi, a friend for life!


Wi-fi, a friend for life!

If you and your wi-fi router are in a relationship which is as beautiful as the one you share with your bed, this article is something you will absolutely relate to. Here are 8 situations, which perfectly define your relationship with your internet connection.

  1. “Free Wi-fi here” are those three magical words that you long to hear.

    No matter where you go, you always want to stay connected to the rest of the world. Take selfies with friends and post them with #BFF’s for life.

Do you take this Wi-Fi as your partner, I do.
Does this place offer wifi?
  1. You want to kill yourself when the Internet is slow:

There is no better way to test your patience than putting you in a place with internet speed are like “dude-is-the-wifi–even-on”.

Do you take this Wi-Fi as your partner, I do1
My life is on buffer

Because let’s face it, the only thing worse than a no internet is a slow internet.

  1. Wi-Fi is what your brain needs.

No Tv for a week agreed. No playing outside for a month, unfair but agreed.

No Wi-Fi for a day, What?

Do you take this Wi-Fi as your partner, I do2.
No wifi= no life

 If the above 3 sentences describe you, then congratulations my friend you are in love.

  1. Neighbour’s Wi-Fi connects automatically, I believe in miracles.

When your neighbour has installed a new router and he is foreign to the concept of network security and you are browsing your mobile casually and suddenly a notification pops up “connected to 402”, this is the moment you start believing in miracles.

Do you take this Wi-Fi as your partner, I do3.
I love my neighbor
  1. Away from home and you are missing your Router.

On a tracking trip in Manali, with friends and you are missing someone. Not your pet dog, not your parents, but your wifi and the great uninterrupted connection that you share with your home router.

Do you take this Wi-Fi as your partner, I do6.
I miss you

If you happen to relate to the above article on a level which is hard to explain, then you, my friend, are ready to get married to your wi-fi router.